The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and St Mary his Mother, links Catholicism in Aotearoa-New Zealand to its earliest foundations, making its
preservation extremely important. The full title is a reminder that two Cathedrals have shared the same site. St Mary’s, lost to fire in 1898, was the first
major church in Wellington, built soon after the arrival of the first Bishop, Philippe Viard, in 1850. With Sacred Heart Cathedral now 120 years old, efforts to strengthen and refurbish reflect the significance of sacred and historic buildings to the spiritual and social life of everyone. A recent substantial Government grant and the support of Wellington City Council allow us to include both base-isolation and seismic strengthening in the restoration project. Their support and yours provides for significant job creation and endorse the place of Sacred Heart Cathedral in the cultural life of our city and nation. An essential element in the restoration project is the refurbishment of the historic Hobday organ. It’s rich sound has graced our Cathedral for 115 years inspiring worshippers and concert goers alike who have delighted in the outstanding acoustics of a truly exceptional venue. Your participation in restoring this sacred
space is sincerely welcomed. Thank you in anticipation of your practical assistance to ensure that what has been given to us will be proudly maintained for generations to come.





James B Lyons (Fr)
Campaign Chair & Parish Priest (2007 - 2018)

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“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”
Matthew 6:21


Base isolation and seismic strengthening of the Cathedral - $11.8 million

Exterior and interior restoration - $3.0 million

Refurbishment of the historic Hobday Organ - $1.7 million

Total Goal - $16.5 million

With $11 million raised to date, thanks largely to an $8.5 million grant from the government's "Shovel Ready" Infrastructure Fund, base isolation and seismic strengthening began in August 2020. 

The remaining $5.5 million now required will allow us to complete interior and exterior restoration of the Cathedral as well as to refurbish the historic Hobday Organ.

Do not forget: thin sowing means thin reaping; the more you sow, the more
you reap. Each one should give what he has decided in his own mind, not
grudgingly or because he is made to, for God loves a cheerful giver. And
there is no limit to the blessings which God can send you - he will make
sure that you will always have all you need for yourselves in every possible
circumstance, and still have something to spare for all sorts of good works.

2 Corinthians: 6-10