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Music has to be the most universal of all languages and it is one that is firmly rooted here at the Cathedral with a choral tradition that dates back over 100 years, which enhances the spiritual aspect of worship, and upholds the Catholic music tradition. At the heart of this is the spectacular and historic Hobday Organ. Its unassuming position in the choir gallery hides its splendour somewhat, but with over 3000 pipes varying from just 2 cm long to over 10 metres long there is no escaping its awe-inspiring sound. This 115 year old instrument is testament to its builder Arthur Hobday. It has all the colours and sounds of a full symphony orchestra, and is a perfect match with the Cathedral’s world-class acoustics. Installed in 1905, the Hobday Organ is at the very heart of the wider Wellington musical community. It is used not only for regular services, but also as a teaching instrument for school students, recording for TV and radio and private hire and hosts many concerts with local community groups and visiting international artists.

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“Playing the Hobday Organ stirs the heart and inspires the soul in ways words cannot describe.”


Michael Fletcher, Director of Music for Sacred Heart Cathedral

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