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A Community Of Faithful

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The need to restore the Cathedral goes wider than any particular parish or other place of worship. It is the focal point for our Diocese, a point of unity for all. A place where we celebrate, gather people, and then allow them to go back out to their various parishes, ministries and works. 

– Archbishop Paul Martin SM 

We Pray 

Ever faithful God, true to your promises,
merciful and just.

Encouraged by the intercession of Mary Immaculate
for the strengthening and restoration of our Cathedral,
we renew our prayer, as we enter the final phase of this work.

Bless the generosity of our supporters,
and the hearts of those still able to contribute.

Return us to our spiritual home, a community strengthened
in faith, with hopes fulfilled and united in love.

Confident in your guidance we give thanks and praise
and commit ourselves to the service of the Gospel for the glory of your Name.


A Blessing Of The Site

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Our People & Their Stories

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