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Writing one’s last will and testament is a deeply personal exercise. It does not merely provide direction regarding the final distribution of personal assets; it is a testament of one’s life and an expression of the values he or she has held most dear.

As stewards of God’s many gifts, many Catholics give regularly and generously during their lifetimes to support the Church. For those of you who have expressed your values in this way, we invite you now to consider leaving a legacy gift, a final expression of the ongoing commitment and support you have so generously provided over the years.

By making a pledge today to provide a future gift in your will to support the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, your pledge will be recognised as a legacy gift to the Cathedral Campaign. At some future date, when funds are received, they will be directed to the continued care and maintenance of Sacred Heart Cathedral. Your pledge of support will ensure that our Cathedral, an historic treasure will continue to serve Catholics for generations to come, providing a welcoming place to pray and to praise God.

If you choose an immediate gift in support of current work to strengthen and restore Sacred Heart Cathedral or a legacy gift to ensure the future of our Cathedral, please know that every dollar of every gift makes a difference!

Your consideration and support are most sincerely appreciated! Your pledge card is provided below.

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